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​​研究プロジェクト  Research Project

Formulation (pharmaceutical & cosmetics)


Nanoparticle and liposome for formuation are targeted. Supercritical fluid extraction of emulsion (SFEE) and liposome production in tube (LipTube) are developed.

Y. Murakami, Y. Shimoyama, J. Supercrit. Fluids, 118 (2016) 178-184.

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Molecular Crystal Design


Molecular crystal design on pharmaceuticals and cosmetics toward increase of bioavailability is targeted.  We focus on development of molecular crystal transition and cocrystallization techniques using high-pressure CO2 as solvent.

Y. Hao, S. Akiyama, Y. Shimoyama, Proc. of AsCA 2019 (2019).

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CO2 Capture & Utilization


CO2 capture and CO2 battery system are targeted. Gels with amine or ionic liquid are developed toward CO2 absorption system and cathode on CO2 battery.

N. Kunanusont, Y. Shimoyama, J. Supercirt. Fluids,133 (2018) 77-85.

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Molecular informatics for phase & interface


Molecular information from a quantum calculation can be used for design of phase equilibrium and phase interface. Molecular information is combined with thermodynamics and machine learning for calculation of phase equilibrium and phase interface properties.

Y. Hao, Y. Shimoyama, Fluid Phase Equilibr., 494 (2019) 115-124.

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Magnetic Nanocrystal Design


Magnetic nanocrystal design for transportation of drug in the living body and medical diagnosis is targeted. We focus on development of the technology to synthesiza and functionalize magnetic nanocrystal using high-pressure CO2.

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